Vision & Ministers

The Call
The Caleb Assembly is an answer to the calling to assist in the Christ-led recovery of the captive and oppressed from afflictions, sin, addictions and the plagues of life. To give hope in the Lord Jesus to the helpless and hopeless, and to give practical Christian guidance and support to those climbing the mountain of recovery or struggling to retain their victories.

Our Vision
The vision of The Caleb Assembly is the spiritual empowerment of Christian and non-Christian brethren to overcome their personal obstacles of sin, affliction, failure and addictions through Christian strategies as expounded in the Holy Bible. The vision culminates in the restored, righteous and victorious living of all that proudly answer the appellation ‘Christian’, and the winning of souls through practical love for one another.

The Mission
The mission of The Caleb Assembly is to frequently meet with, teach, support and lead men and women with Christian principles, first as a collective entity, and later through independent cells to live godly and fulfilling lives. The vehicle of instruction for this inter-denominational Christian assembly is the Holy Bible, and particular emphases will be on ministering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people wherever they are. In executing this mission, The Caleb Assembly partners with churches, foundations, government agencies and non-profit organizations to bring relief, succour and hope to the homeless, unemployed, sick, incarcerated and lonely in our society. The expected end is empowering recovering men and women to reintegrate themselves into society as productive and highly self-esteemed citizens who add value to their families and communities.

Executive Officers, Advisory Board and Ministers

  • Kene D. Ewulu, EdD (Vice-President, The Caleb Assembly)

Dr. Kene D. EwuluDr. Kene David Ewulu, as visioner and vice-president of The Caleb Assembly is responsible for directing the mission, strategies and operations of the organization. Before the call to equip others overcome their personal mountains and be worthy ambassadors of Christ, Dr. Kene was an ordained pastor, registered architect, project management professional and business leader with over twenty-five years of practice in the continents of Africa and North America. His background is in Christian and organizational leadership; the special emphasis being on entrenching christian leadership practices in society through the integration of sound biblical and secular leadership principles at home, in the workplace, and in our communities. Dr. Kene is an author, coach, motivational speaker, christian leadership consultant, and professor of leadership. He resides in Columbia, South Carolina, with his wife Ijae and three children.

  • Andrew Santiago (Chairman – Board of Advisors)


  • Minister Steve Pender (Ministry Partner)


Steve Pender joined the Caleb Assembly Ministry team in 2012 with a passion to see men experience the grace and freedom found only in Jesus Christ.  He served 6 years in the South Carolina Air National Guard and attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary after graduating from the University of South Carolina. He has been married for over 25 years to his wife Tatia and God has blessed them with 3 beautiful daughters.  Steve is professionally employed in sales, and has continually utilized his immense skills as a communicator to share the redemptive and restorative work of Jesus Christ on the Cross, and to bring others to sustained deliverance and healing through Christ. Along with his family, Steve is an active member of his local church - The Village Church in Blythewood, South Carolina.