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Happy New Year to All, and I pray the Lord is still Lord over our lives.
In our quest to guide each other through a successful new year, the issue of leading active lives at work and play has to be addressed.

It is understood that we have to apply ourselves to our selected tasks to be successful and fulfilled; this is why my emphasis at the start of the New Year is on shunning inactivity, fear, and lethargy.
My new book that traces the path from failure to activity and success is on the book stands now!
Please order a copy through the following link:
Softcover & Downloadable Copies: Rebounding From Inactivity 
I pray that the Lord will open the eyes of your understanding, that you may glean the simple truths contained in this book, and that you may be freed to soar to victory in your many endeavors.
Keep fighting the good fight, and never give up on your dream.
Jesus loves you, and you will ultimately WIN.

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