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Last week God spoke to us on “Renewing friendships”; we will be continuing on that line of thought, and adding on the second ingredient needed for “Rebuilding Broken Bridges” – “Praying and Waiting Expectantly for God’s Intervention”.
For genuine reconciliation to begin, it must not matter who carries the major blame in the quarrel; what should matter is reaching out to the other party. People’s hurt feelings get assuaged when they see we are seeking middle grounds of reconciliation; people respond to moves of peace.
In what ways do we begin renewing our relationships? We do cry sometimes, but only to God. We pour out our bitterness, our sorrowful hearts, our pain, and our shame. The bible assures us that God is in the business of exchange, if we are willing to give up and let things go.
God exchanges our ashes for beauty, our sorrow for joy, our weakness of character for faithfulness, our fear for safety, our anxieties for care (1 Peter 5:7), and our immaturity for wisdom (James 1:5)
You may ask yourself how often this scenario can play out. Probably several times in our lifetime, we will experience betrayal to different extents. It may range from being unrecognized for our achievements in the workplace, to marital infidelity. It may be a slight from a complete stranger or disrespect from our child. If we would realize this, then we would understand why Jesus asks us to prepare to forgive, not once, but seventy times seven times (Matthew 18:21-22).
Do you have the humility and wisdom to set aside your pride today and make peace? Could you use soft words to placate your antagonist, even when you know they are wrong, just as you are? God promises that the meek shall inherit the earth, and that peacemakers will be called His children (Matthew 5:5 & 9).
As we embark on the road of reconciliation, we pray that God gives us the right words to say and empowers us to act right. Due to the involvement of emotions, we need patience; with ourselves and the persons on the other side of the quarrel. Asking God to grant us patience through the process, and being willing to stick to it until true and lasting reconciliation occurs becomes of paramount importance. When we are able to do this, we mirror our Lord Jesus Christ, take the high road, and demonstrate exemplary leadership qualities.
Will you start afresh with me today by humbling yourself, making peace in your peculiar situation, renewing that friendship, and glorifying God? Will you persevere in the place of prayer, and be patient until God’s appointed time arrives? Will you seek the kingdom of God with me by renewing your friendships, knowing that God will do as He has promised by adding everything good and wonderful to you? (Matthew 6:33).
Challenge yourself today, renew that strained relationship, pray for yourself and your protagonist, and be patient as you expect God’s intervention. Renew your strength as you wait on the Lord; He will not fail you (Isaiah 40:31).
May the Lord Jesus grant us the grace and wisdom to do these things, and may the blessings from the Prince of Peace be ours today, and always!
Have a blessed week; stay the course!


Weekly Nugget: “I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry. He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings” (Isaiah 40:1-2; KJV)

Dr. Kene D. Ewulu ministers from Columbia, South Carolina, The United States.

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