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Over the last three weeks in our “Rebuilding Broken Bridges” series, we have dealt with what must be done when relationships are strained or broken; we identified three mindsets that help us through the process: extending a hand of friendship, praying and patiently waiting on God’s intervention, and speaking life into the situation.
This week, we look at how to speak life and not defeat to our declining relationships.
What does God promise about your situation?


Lesson of the Week

Are you childless? He says there will be none barren in the land (Exodus 23:26)
Are you financially constrained? He wants to bless the work of your hands, and promote you above your fellows (Deuteronomy 28:12&13)
Are you sick or brokenhearted? He reminds you that He can, and wants to heal you (Psalms 147:3)
Are you stuck with an addiction or sinful pastime? He wants to give you a fresh new start devoid of guilt (2 Chronicles 7:14 & Romans 8:1&11).
Believe God’s word about any situation you might find yourself in. Read the bible, discover God’s promises, and hang onto them. Remember to stay under His umbrella of protection by staying away from old sinful practices and embracing His mercy which He renews EVERYDAY!
Speak those promises aloud to yourself, especially when you are feeling low!
The word of God is sharper than a sword, and will always accomplish what it was sent to do (Hebrews 4:12 & Isaiah 55:11). Believe God's Word, shun sin, and watch good things happen. Your situation will surely turnaround for the better this week; God watches over His word to protect it.
So speak Life, trust God, and do not waver! The Lord God who loves you and still intends to bless you abundantly expects you to stay the course! Do that today.

Weekly Nugget: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof”. (Proverbs 18:21; KJV)

Dr. Kene D. Ewulu ministers from Columbia, South Carolina, The United States.
All scriptures were linked from www.biblegateway.com