Schedule Coaching Package #1

Package #1: 3 forty-five minute coaching sessions within the first three weeks.

This package is for those dealing with any of the following issues:

  • Inactivity                          ($125.00 per session = $375.00)
  • Lies                                    ($125.00 per session = $375.00)
  • Guilt                                  ($125.00 per session = $375.00)
  • Finger-pointing               ($125.00 per session = $375.00)

We will identify your problems during the first session, and give you pointers and spiritual insights into the root causes of your challenges. In our second session, we will offer scripturally supported solutions, and itemize a strategy for implementing them so victory is attained. Our third session will assess the effectiveness of your rebound actions during the first two weeks of the program, and proffer an action plan for retaining your new-found freedom. All these sessions will end with structured, practically Christian, take-home exercises aimed at guiding you through the process and into a victorious future.

(After payment, you will be returned to our online booking page to schedule your three appointments)

Coaching Package #1