Rebound Tips

Life’s problems are physical, social, economic, and spiritual in nature. Most of them become yokes, and often develop from issues such as inactivity, bad habits,  depressions, oppression, addictions, lies, infidelity, unemployment, guilt, lack of accountability, and sickness; to mention just a few.

A few definitions and biblical tips on how to overcome and sustain our victory over these yokes are outlined under the following tabs: addictions, bad habits, finger-pointing, guilt, and inactivity.

These five rebound categories are by no means exhaustive, but serve as a foretaste of what we have in store for you as you purchase our rebound bouquets from the "Products" tab (

I pray these tips bless you, as I know the full complement of our products will. 

Blessings from:

The Caleb Assembly Team.


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