Programs & Events

To equip men and women through recovery and onto victory in Jesus Christ, The Caleb Assembly has been utilizing the following stratagems since its inception:

1.  Periodic motivational newsletters to our global mailing list. Recent inspirational newsletters can be viewed on our blog; the first one hundred and ten of these resources have been archived and can be downloaded from the products' area. These are excellent resources for teaching, supporting, and motivating others through their various challenges, and for molding christian leaders in our local congregations. A few samples are kept here for your purview.

2. Rebound Seminars for men's ministries and churches. The Caleb Assembly, upon request and invitation from churches and ministries, facilitates specifically crafted Rebound Seminars that deal with identifying our difficulties, proffering solutions for overcoming them, and giving biblically-backed and proven strategies for retaining our victory over sin, addictions, infidelity, sickness, and other plagues of life. (See Photographs).

3. Monthly Motivational Rebound Sessions in local halfway homes. Since its inception, The Caleb Assembly has been spearheading scripturally-backed rebound sessions aimed at inspiring men in halfway homes to join forces with Christ, overcome their stumbling blocks, and become effectual and productive citizens in their communities. (See Photographs).

4. Rebound Leadership Mentoring Programs for church leaders and ministers. This program is The Caleb Assembly's in-house event that targets the empowerment of pastors, ministers and church leaders; sharing on how to mentor others in their local assemblies to become the leaders God created them to be. This program occurs four times yearly, and equips participants with astounding resources that would enable their leadership mentoring assignments for the foreseeable future. (See Photographs).

5. Rebound Webcasts that focus on specific strategies for recovering from various types of societal challenges are presented thrice yearly. You can access these from the links on our website, or from YouTube (just type in: 'Caleb Assembly Rebound'). You can also join us live on the advertised dates; these events are free and require only an internet connection.

6. Coaching offers one-on-one mentoring sessions aimed at confidentially guiding others through their challenges. Bookings are made through our website at, and all sessions are concluded via audio media. Packages (3, 5, or 7 sessions per package) based on the description and severity of the case are available for a small fee, or by giving a voluntary donation to The Caleb Assembly at


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