Motivational Newsletters

The Caleb Assembly sends out periodic motivational newsletters to our global mailing list. These newsletters encourage men anywhere on the globe to stand strong in God, and to choose holy living and the standards demanded by our Lord Jesus Christ. We ask everyone, regardless of their level of spirituality in Jesus, to subscribe and benefit weekly from the encouragement and strength these publications provide. The first one hundred and ten editions of this series deal with lessons from biblical men; they have been archived and can be downloaded from the members' area. These are also excellent resources for teaching, supporting, and motivating others through their various challenges, and for molding christian leaders in our local congregations.

A few samples are kept here for your purview.

Enjoy, and register as a member in order to have full access to the over one hundred spiritually enlightening and empowering editions of TCA Motivational Newsletters.

Thank you, and God Bless! 

The Caleb Assembly Team.


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